Property valuation in Dublin

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Property valuation in Dublin

At CCEM Ltd, we specialise in providing independent and accurate property valuations in North Dublin. With our expert team's extensive knowledge of the Irish property market and our commitment to staying up to date with market advancements and regulations, you can rely on us for trustworthy and reliable valuations.


While many people are familiar with the importance of valuations when selling a property, it's equally vital when buying a property. A house valuation plays a crucial role in determining the accurate selling price and assists you in making informed financial decisions. Additionally, valuations are essential when applying for a mortgage, purchasing insurance products, or drafting a will.


Our experienced valuers at CCEM Ltd understand the significance of these valuations and ensure they are conducted meticulously. By relying on our expertise, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your property, whether selling, buying, or seeking financial services.


Regarding property valuations in North Dublin, trust CCEM Ltd to provide independent, accurate, and valuable insights.

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How to book a property valuation in Dublin:

You can visit the property valuation section to book a property valuation in Dublin. The property valuation section can be found on the online payments page. You will then need to select your preferred date, then fill in the necessary details. We will then contact you to confirm your property valuation once the payment has been received.

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What types of property valuations in Dublin do we offer?

What types of property valuations in Dublin do we offer?

  • Residential properties in North Dublin

  • Commercial properties

To avail of our expert property valuation service, contact our team today!

Why choose our team for property valuations?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our team for property valuations in Dublin:

Why choose our team for property valuations?

  • We have hired an expert team with extensive knowledge of the Irish property market

  • We keep up-to-date with market advancements and regulatory changes

  • We offer property valuations that are specialised to the North Dublin property market

  • We provide valuations for selling, buying, mortgage applications, insurance, and will drafting

  • We provide a thorough valuation process

  • Helps in making informed financial decisions

  • We are dedicated to delivering valuable insights for your property valuation

  • We have established a reputation based on quality and professionalism

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